tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010


Lordy...has it really so long since my last...must've been too busy...or maybe nothing really worth writing about. Quite a bit happening on the housing front...and my new flat is ready to move into mid November. About 750 metres away from my first ever flat in Denmark as a singly soldier...21 years ago. Forkin 'ell!!!
Job still fun...made some great short films with the 'Splat' group...last day of school was a sports day, Gordon beat his own record,,,so next year he will be in the senior league.
So this is day 2 of the holidays and i have been on full power business building to help finance our trip to UK at Christmas. Moving costs look frightening...so November will be a bread and water diet. 'Stay hungry'!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Best I send you a 'red cross' parcel. xxx

  2. Nr. 26 is long overdue Colin. Fancy keeping your readers waiting tut! tut! X