torsdag den 9. september 2010


Just another day in paradise...
Our Summer was spent cleaning out the cupboards...our mariage has been a soap opera the past 5 years, with Tanya renewing her membership...on condition that 'things' would got better. Isn't that how 90% of marriages work? And some people exist with that hope every day, that it will be better tomorrow. Now the air has begun to clear and we seem better able to communicate with each other instead of via Gordon.
Several highlights looming on the horizon: Trying to wire up ferry times for the Uk trip in December, in 2 weeks i am attending a conference in Budapest, October in Stockholm for another one... All to dó with business building, so the tax is deductable! :0)
Then Gordons 10 year birthday in November...hé might be getting my old iPhone.
Job at school is going well, could dó without the driving, but who knows, maybe the post man will bring a letter tomorrow and i will be cancelling All the travel in favour of moving house?

More news coming soon.

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