lørdag den 29. november 2014


Been a while since My last blog...but that must surely be a good sign?!? Winter is now beginning to bare it's teeth, colder in the mornings as I wheel My way to and from the teacher training College in Viborg. Fascinating place with a large selection of talented teachers, guests speakers...and best of all...plenty of selfstudy so no need to bash My brains from dawn to dusk. The families attention is focused on the health and recovery of Ove. His operation went well, but the repair seems to be dragging him through pain and discomfort. Not right that such a kind man should have to suffer so much. 
Christmas shopping is looming large om the horizon... most of mine is done now...just need the Big sofa tomorrow and a few nik-naks!

onsdag den 4. juni 2014


And now...after six months of dreaming, talking, planning and waiting...the garden is now built and ready for LOTS of Summer grilling ;-) BIG THANKS to Michael and Kenneth for all their hard work...and looking forward to the next project.

tirsdag den 15. april 2014


Already mid-April, time getting faster by the day. Not as if I haven't been busy either, back at school learning html and php programming languages... something I've been meaning to do now for about 10 years!!! Plans for redeveloping the garden are slowly moving forward, gives me a good excuse to burn things and make space for even more stuff.
Box arrives next week, then have to work on refitting doors, roofs and windows. It will all be worth it by this time next year.

fredag den 3. januar 2014


So, that was Christmas 2013...promptly followed by New Year 2014! Quite a lot of food and drink...as well as time for making chocolates, dancing around trees and various other activities.

fredag den 13. december 2013


Winter arrived about a week ago, then left and made way for 'Bodil'the hurricane. No damage at our place...but quite a few trees down at the riding school today. Sent parcel to England...and now it's time to start the Christmas cards. Soon be Easter!!!

lørdag den 5. oktober 2013


Autumn has arrived at #39, so there's tidying up in the garden, putting away for the Winter...and one day next week...the final bonfire before parking the grill for next year

fredag den 19. juli 2013

Nr. 55

Summer time has hit DK with long, warm days outside. Less than two weeks to the Big day...still more food to make and small loose ends to be tied up...but we should make it on time. Have to finish My speech and polish my shoes, Gordon is the official 'ringmaster', he enjoys a bit of responsibility. Jas will be on the front bench, great that we are finally all assemblers in one place, whilst Dad is being looked after at The Willows.