mandag den 25. februar 2013


Well, almost Easter now, the mountains of snow slowly melting away... today it was plus 3 degrees!!! Seems to have been Winter forever, so great to feel the warm Sun on my red cheeks whilst cycling. Keeping a watchful eye out for 'Snowdrops' and/or 'Daffodils'.
Big day now planned for August 3rd, so jobs to be done, invites written, a place to find... and food and drink for about a hundred guests to begin stocking up. Should be a good event... folks coming over from UK, so I will have to write two versions of my speech... good reason to keep it short!
Have to get Eva's foot and my neck fixed so we can actively participate in the happenings... and do the tidying and washing up! Looking forward to visiting Jasmine's school on Thursday, the haute couture of Laura Barüel will certainly be worth seeing.

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  1. And I have to buy a new dress and .... a new pair of shoes as well:-)