tirsdag den 31. maj 2011


Golly...is that the date? My life is flying along, haven't got time to document the juicy details. Hope to have more time next month...though on the other hand i would like to be even busier, so i can earn a big wad of dosh for the upcoming trip to Yorkshire pudding land. Thing is, i never seem to finish everything on my jobs list...like right now i should be writing a birthday card to my Mum, or converting the quicktime films i made today to .wav format for tomorrow, or updating my blog, or answering the mails from last week, or doing a spot of facebooking. Ho hum, but now i am away ti ma beeeed cos i am on duty again in 9.5 hours...and Lordy, do i need my beauty sleep! At least i can sleep soundly, knowing i did my very best, helping others achieve a better lifestyle...not a bad thing to be remembered for in life. The new guy, Knud, 74 years old has the spirit and energy of a man half his age...and i love his ramshackle hut, with pot plants and timber piled up in a random well organised mess. Photos coming soon.

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