søndag den 8. maj 2011


This Springtime heatwave is having a serious positive effect on the harsh danish folk...everybody is smiling and jolly...although there was some pushing and shoving during a clearance sale today. Greed is still high on the list of danish characteristics. Spending money they haven't got to impress people they don't like...serious 'keeping up with the neighbours' mentality. Why buy one cheap picnic set when you can buy twenty?
Mothers day in DK today, so i financed Gordons plan for giving his Mum a memorable morning and he was happy that she was happy...though breakfast in bed at 6.30 on a Sunday was maybe a bit too keen!!!

Been weeding and decorating the house in Roum, hoping some potential buyers will pass by and be interested. The media talks about the financial crises on the mend, latest news said there were now 75 billionaires in UK...a rise since last year. Or is it just the rich getting richer? The people on the street still look just as worried as last year...but find they have to prove 'everything is ok again'. We can but hope. Just sitting chilling to the latest Bob Harris show, interview with Robbie Robertsen...pure magic... click on the link and find out for yourself ;0)

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  1. Great writing. I felt like I was sitting with you, cup of tea in my hand and you chatting away .....me listening, for a change! xxx