fredag den 15. juni 2012


What happened! The carpet of life was wripped from under our feet...Eva fell and broke her elbow, my gearbox collapsed...just what we need 2 weeks before I officially move in to her house :0(

Must be some kind of test I guess, so far we seem to be 'braving-the-storm' and tomorrow the elbow can begin repairing itself. Not sure when I will be mobile again, have to use the 'Flextur' system of booking taxi's back and forth...and plan trips carefully! Thankfully her 'army' of friends and family are only to willing to help, so we will be feeding them 'thank-you' dinners the next six weeks!!!

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  1. Hey teacher (to be)

    Life is good and everything seems to get together - can't wait to wake up with you every morning:-)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Eva