søndag den 13. marts 2011


Well, bin a while since my last note...but i have had a pile of stuff to sort out. Still not sure i can call this place 'home' though, it needs a certain something that money just can't buy. Still no sign of customers at Roumvej 7, but maybe now the Spring has arrived things will pick up a bit...Peder and Esters farm was only on the market 3 weeks before a couple from Holland began looking around.
Now the snow has finally melted it makes cycling a pleasure so i am out everyday now...even managed a Skivevej trip last week after dropping G at home, bit of nostalgia, then back in the bus and away to Viborg. Tea an cake with AWJ, MBE last week, still a young spirit in a 70 year old body. God bless her.

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