søndag den 8. august 2010


Last few days have been hot and sticky...Summer hol's coming to an end...I can only agree with Gordon when he says he wishes they were about to begin! Lots of tidying to be done, so we are back and forth to the recycling station. Our handyman neighbour Lars was over yesterday to fix the bump in the wooden floor, and do some small repairs here and there...nice toolbox!
Gordons best friend Jakob has been round here everyday...he will certainly be missed...but there is one good reason to return to Roum occasionally. We both have networks to be tended to.
Finally took the plunge and bought an old Vangelis album on itunes, the very excellent "Soil Festivities" from 1985. My Sony Walkman played that tape until it played no more whilst at the Falkland Islands...(coming soon, a photo of my bunkbed). Happy times. 25 years later i have it on my iphone!

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